Over the years, many Indians have moved to other countries for employment or business opportunities. Many NRI’s continue to hold investments and income sources in India and often require assistance in Tax and Foreign exchange regulations.

We have developed an in-house team to cater to the specific requirements of the NRI’s to assist them in complying with applicable regulations and support them in various other requirements from time to time.   

We offer Assistance, Advisory and Support Services for NRI’s/PIO/OCI relating to:

  • Income-tax matters in India (including DTAA)
  • Foreign Exchange Regulations
  • Investments in Indian entities and businesses
  • Regulations for Financial and property investment in India
  • Repatriation of Funds
  • Inheritance and Gifts in and outside India
  • Statutory and other regulatory compliances relating to loans and securities
  • Immovable property transactions, investments, divestment and related statutory aspects
  • Statutory Compliances including tax filings, reportings under FATCA etc
  • Coordination with Banks, Insurance Companies and third parties



Globalization has had a huge impact on almost all aspects of life, even business and employment. Today, a majority of organizations function on a universal platform and are required to deal with clients, partners, investors and suppliers from around the world on a day to day basis. Uniformity in universal operations has become the key to the success of any product or service. It has therefore become quite beneficial for multinational establishments to hire executives and managers from different countries.

International companies and organisations employ usually a small but critical number of expatriate staff to help transfer knowledge, skills and technology; to fill temporary shortages and to create the “corporate glue” that binds an international organisation together.

We help our clients in managing the compliance and other regulatory matters involving Expat employees residing in India and ensure a timely compliance with applicable regulations 

Our Expat Tax services includes

  • Advisory on Salary structure and impact of Applicable Regulations
  • Review of Employment Agreements
  • Preparation and filing of India tax return and mechanics of elimination of double taxation
  • Advisory relating to foreign exchange regulations applicable for Expatriate
  • Representation before Tax and other Government Authorities
  • Advisory relating to repatriation of money from India and issue of necessary forms to Authorised Dealers (Banks)
  • Certification services under FEMA and Income Tax
  • Investment advisory services in India.

Taxability of ESOP transactions